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Office of Operations
Materiel Management Service Center
United States Department of Agriculture

Central Excess Property Operation (CEPO)

The Centralized Excess Property Operation (CEPO) is a disposal unit for excess/surplus personal property released by the USDA agencies, staff offices, and division in the Washington Metropolitan Area. In addition to providing personal property disposal services, CEPO provides recycling services through the re-issuance/ transfer of as-is furniture, used office equipment and the sale of Rehab Furniture to USDA agencies. We also sell surplus personal property to the general public via various types of sales. (See Auction).

CEPO works diligently to provide excess computer equipment to schools and nonprofit organizations under Presidential order 12999 Computers for Learning Program. This program allows Federal agencies to transfer used/excess computers to the schools and nonprofit organizations for the purpose of education.

CEPO also oversees central receiving functions at the HQ USDA South Building.

To obtain further information on CEPO services, please ask for a Property Disposal Specialist at:

Materiel Management Service Center
6351 Ammendale Road
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: (301) 394-0400


About Central Receiving

Central Receiving provides accountability, security and disposition control of personal property, publications and other supplies and monitors the disposition of waste materials for the Agencies located in the downtown Washington, D.C. complex. The normal hours of operation for Central Receiving are as follows:

South Building, Loading Dock 4
C Street, Rm. 0450A
Washington, DC 20250
7:30am - 6:00pm

Please call 301-394-0400 to coordinate the receipt or shipment of materials at times outside duty hours as soon as possible.



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